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Back to blogging – From a whole new perspective…

Since I last posted here, my life has changed in some profound ways. I started a new job 15 months ago and my family and I have moved. From suburban Fairfield county Connecticut we moved to suburban Zurich, Switzerland, which is a pretty big change.

A change in place creates a change in perspective. From the heart of Europe, the US and its politics looks slightly different. In a country that ranks 4th in per capita gun ownership and has .77 per 100,000 gun homicides my perspective on guns and the second amendment may benefit from a new look. I now live next door to a house where Johannes Brahms used to summer, so my perspective on art and history has also seen an interesting shift.

In a land where the splendor of the alps is a daily sight on my morning commute and just walking the dog provides breathtaking vistas, my love of the outdoors makes it a challenge to be sure I take full advantage.

But I remain intrigued by so many new things that make me think. And ready to share in ways that I hope make readers think too.

IMG_0779Gross Münster beside the Limmat River


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