I have been lucky enough to visit, enjoy and stand in awe of some of the world’s most wild and beautiful places. I have safaried in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. I have canoed throughout the northern lakes of Ontario. I have sailed the length of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean seas,  crossed the Indian and Pacific Oceans, transited the Suez and Panama canals and the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the U.S. – all in a fifty-foot sailboat. I’ve been lucky enough to climb waterfall ice in New Hampshire and traverse many of the White and Green Mountains, summit glaciated peaks in the Andes, multiple volcanoes in Sumatra and spent three weeks attempting to summit Alaska’s Denali via its West Rib. I have hiked in the first growth rain-forests of California as well as very different rain-forests in Borneo and peninsular Malaysia. Throughout it all, the sense of wonder, perspective and joy that our natural world provides has only increased with each new discovery or adventure. The natural world restores me and lends me a comforting sense of my own petty insignificance through its majesty, scale and breathtaking, diverse beauty.


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