My Month With Some Antifreeze…

My palms were sweating. But not because of the latte I had just chugged. I found myself in Starbucks with an NAPA shopping bag that had a bottle of antifreeze in it. All around me were cups of coffee, tea, mocha chinos and the antifreeze bottle’s deadly contents only a few feet away from contaminating any one of them and creating a potentially fatal cocktail…

Getting it had been easy. No one in the store asked me any questions or even for an i.d. I just picked out the bottle and went to the cash register. I paid for it and left the building. It must have been clear to the salesperson that I know nothing about cars or chemicals but he took my money just the same.

Driving to Starbucks I had a panic attack – what if the bottle opened up from jostling in the car, its deadly contents leaking out and poisoning any hapless pedestrians that I passed or drivers next to me with their windows open? I needed some advice so I pulled into the next gas station I saw. I asked a mechanic working on a transmission if the antifreeze was safe to transport just in its bottle. Would its cap stay on? Could the fumes harm innocent bystanders? He thought I was an idiot…He was right.

A journalist for Ms. Magazine is writing a piece about carrying a handgun for a month. She has decided to do this without, apparently, taking any course to train herself in the use of firearms. She hasn’t asked anyone for any advice other than a policeman involved in a traffic stop to show her that her gun wasn’t loaded. The above parody is a pretty accurate copy of her breathless prose.

The only point that her first article actually makes, is that it is relatively easy for a person with remarkably bad judgement to do something dangerous. WOW, polish up the Pulitzer!

Maybe she could report on the dangers of poisonous chemicals in the home – number of accidental injuries due to poisonous substances in homes, 33,000,000  annually. Number of firearms related accidents, assaults or self inflicted wounds totaled, about 63,000 in the most recent yearly statistics.

People with bad judgement do stupid things constantly – including apparently lame journalistic stunts. There are no laws or regulations that will prevent this.


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