What is this all about?

What makes you think?

In a world where it is possible to gather incredible amounts of information from credible sources  — to skeptically analyze that information and share your conclusions with a virtually limitless audience — why has the world dialogue grown so insipid?

With access to so much, most of us read what we agree with, post in forums that support our preconceptions, and if we engage with an opposing view point it is generally just to insult its source and deride that opinion without considering it.

A forum where people can come to disagree in a civil dialogue not only sounds like a good idea. It sounds really interesting (at least to me.) That is what I hope to establish here.

I am interested in: politics, both domestic and international; outdoor sports – climbing, sailing, hunting and shooting; international travel, primarily for business and; good writing — fiction, poetry and history. If you are too, welcome and please join the dialogue.


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